Mobilising Finance for Climate Action in Georgia

image of Mobilising Finance for Climate Action in Georgia

This report discusses key issues surrounding finance mobilisation for achieving Georgia’s climate change and green growth targets, and new investment opportunities for developing its capital market. The report focuses particularly on finance for climate change mitigation from various sources – private and public, national and international – but remains relevant for other issues around the country’s green growth agenda, such as energy productivity, air pollution prevention, climate change adaptation, better waste management, conservation of natural resources, and the technologies and innovations that help tackle these issues.



Channels of finance for climate action in Georgia

This chapter takes stock of existing financial channels available for a range of climate action in Georgia. These channels include the central and municipal governments, which invested directly in infrastructure and risk mitigation instruments. State-owned enterprises, sovereign equity funds, domestic commercial banks and other types of Georgian financial institutions have also provided finance. Bilateral and multilateral donors provide development finance as well. Finally, the chapter explores new financial channels for green finance that may be used for Georgia’s climate action in future. Green bonds, for example, are attracting more interest.


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