Making Reforms Succeed

Moving Forward with the MENA Investment Policy Agenda

image of Making Reforms Succeed

This publication highlights key outcomes of the work of the MENA-OECD Investment Programme from 2005-2007, including reforms achieved to date in investment policies and promotion, corporate governance, financial-sector development, and tax policies. It also contains information on the Programme’s activities, highlighting business-climate developments in MENA countries. The MENA-OECD Investment Programme was created to facilitate a peer dialogue focused on investment policy reform in co-operation with OECD members.



Venture Capital Development in MENA Countries

Taking Advantage of the Current Opportunity

National, regional and international competitiveness of an economy is increasingly connected to the presence of an environment supportive of innovation and risk-taking. Innovation is gaining prominence on agendas of governments throughout the world who increasingly appreciate the need to develop knowledge-based economies as a prerequisite to competitiveness and growth. Given this recognition, it should be of little surprise that policy design to support innovation in the private sector has become a hotly debated issue in both OECD and MENA countries alike. A consensus that public policy has a role in facilitating entrepreneurial activity seems to have emerged. Since a key barrier to entrepreneurship is a lack of capital to formalise creative ideas into concrete and realistic business plans, public sector involvement to bridge the financing gap can be useful.


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