Investment Reform Index 2010

Monitoring Policies and Institutions for Direct Investment in South-East Europe

image of Investment Reform Index 2010

Using an innovative methodology, the Investment Reform Index 2010 (IRI 2010) monitors investment-related policy reforms in the economies of South-East Europe and compares these to best practices in the OECD area. Based on inputs from governments, the private sector, independent experts and multilateral organisations active in the region, the IRI 2010 assesses policies and institutional settings in eight fields of policy critical to domestic and foreign investors. These are: investment policy and promotion; human capital development; trade policy and facilitation; access to finance; regulatory reform and parliamentary processes; infrastructure for investment; tax policy analysis; and SME policy. For the economies examined, the IRI 2010 provides an independent and rigorous assessment of investment-related policy settings and reform against international good practice, guidance for policy reform and development and an evidence base with which to facilitate prioritisation of donor activities supporting investment and growth.




Preparation of the Investment Reform Index 2010 has involved many experts, institutions and government officials. Alistair Nolan has had overall editorial and management responsibility. Individual chapters have been prepared by: Milan Konopek (Investment Policy and Promotion); Alistair Nolan, Sara Barclay and Erin Hengel (Human Capital Development); Andrea Beltramello (Trade Policy and Facilitation); Nicolas Philiponnet (Access to Finance); Jakob Fexer and Adelina Vestemean (Regulatory Reform and Parliamentary Processes); Steve Clark and Erin Hengel (Tax Policy Analysis); and Edgardo Valencia Cruickshank, Monica Chavez Lemos and Lotte van Mechelen (Infrastructure for Investment). Drafting of country-specific texts was greatly assisted by Mary O’Mahony. Critical advice has been had throughout from Antonio Fanelli. Additional support and research assistance was provided by Aleksander Leicht, Monica Chavez Lemos, Lotte van Mechelen and Renata Seperic. Anthony O’Sullivan, Alexander Böhmer, Fadi Farra, Barbara Fliess, Philipp Carlsson-Szlezak and staff from across the OECD’s Private Sector Development Division contributed to valuable exchanges on the assessment frameworks used.


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