International Investment Perspectives 2005

image of International Investment Perspectives 2005
International Investment Perspectives is an annual report from the OECD  on international investment developments.  The focus of the 2005 edition is on policies affecting the investment climate, including work to establish a Policy Framework for Investment and a checklist for policy makers on creating a good environment for attracting investment and maximising its economic benefits.  This issue also includes articles covering foreign trade, competition, and fiscal policy.

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Encouraging Public-Private Partnerships in the Utilities Sector

The Role of Development Assistance

Adequate physical infrastructure is a key element of a sound investment climate and development agencies can help countries mobilise private investment through ODA spent on relevant infrastructure. However, the developing world needs far more financing for infrastructure than can be provided through ODA and domestic public finances alone. Given the shortage of public funds in most developing countries, the obvious solution is to invite greater private sector participation, but this too is problematic since investing in infrastructure projects in many parts of the world is not financially viable from a private sector perspective. One solution is to expand the use of public-private partnerships (PPP) in utilities, relying on ODA to enhance the quality of projects, reduce risks and raise profitability. The present article reviews recent experiences with private participation in infrastructure in developing countries, enumerates some of the obstacles that have been encountered and proposes ways in which development agencies may overcome the obstacles to maximise the benefits of PPPs for development.

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