International Investment Perspectives 2004

image of International Investment Perspectives 2004

International Investment Perspectives is an annual publication providing an update of recent trends and prospects in international direct investment and analyses of investment policy questions of topical interest.

This edition contains a special feature dealing with developments in international investment agreements. It also contains articles on trends and recent developments in FDI, investment rules in Russia, synergies between overseas development assistance and FDI, OECD's experiences with peer reviews in investment policy, and investment incentives in South East Asia.

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Investment Incentives and FDI in Selected ASEAN Countries

ASEAN is perhaps the developing country region that has been the most successful at attracting foreign direct investment and at incorporating foreign firms into national development strategies. There has nevertheless been a secular decline in investments in the region by multinational enterprises which began in some countries even before the Asian financial crisis in 1997. This trend, together...

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