International Investment Perspectives 2002

The timing of the launch of this new OECD annual publication, International Investment Perspectives, is no coincidence: the Doha Development Agenda, the Monterrey Consensus, the New Partnership for Africa’s Development, the 2002 OECD Ministerial Meeting and the Johannesburg World Summit have all underscored the importance of international investment in achieving sustainable development goals and ensuring that globalisation works for all countries, poor as well as rich. In addition, the unprecedented volume of international investment flows, not least foreign direct investment, over the last decade has acted as a major catalyst for trade integration, the diffusion of innovation and world economic growth.

This volume contains includes an analysis of trends and recent developments, an article on foreign investment in China's regional development, a case study on multinational enterprises and the quality of public governance, an article on successful capital movements liberalisation, an article on the economics of international investment incentives, news items on Doha and investment, and an appendix outlining forty years of OECD co-operation with international investment instruments

23 Sept 2002 208 pages English Also available in: French 9789264199187 (PDF)

Author(s): OECD