International Investment Law: Understanding Concepts and Tracking Innovations

A Companion Volume to International Investment Perspectives

image of International Investment Law: Understanding Concepts and Tracking Innovations

International investment agreements set ground rules for how host governments treat foreign investors. This companion volume to International Investment Perspectives provides an unparalleled source of information on four key issues: the definition of investor and investment; the interpretation of umbrella clauses in investment agreements; coverage of environmental, labour and anti-corruption issues; and the interaction between investment and services chapters in selected regional trade agreements.



Definition of Investor and Investment in International Investment Agreements

The definition of investor and investment is key to the scope of application of rights and obligations of investment agreements and to the establishment of the jurisdiction of investment treaty-based arbitral tribunals. This factual survey of state practice and jurisprudence aims to clarify the requirements to be met by individuals and corporations in order to be entitled to the treatment and protection provided for under investment treaties. It further analyses the specific rules on the nationality of claims under the ICSID Convention. As far as the definition of investment is concerned, most investment agreements adopt an openended approach which favours a broad definition of investment. Nevertheless recent developments in bilateral model treaties provide explanatory notes with further qualifications and clarifications of the term investment. The survey further reviews the definition of investment under ICSID as well as non-ICSID case-law for jurisdictional purposes.


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