Insurance Statistics Yearbook 2009

image of Insurance Statistics Yearbook 2009

This annual publication provides major official insurance statistics for all OECD countries including data on premiums collected, claims, and commissions by type of insurance; investments by type of investment; and numbers of companies and employees. The data, which are standardised as far as possible, are broken down under numerous sub-headings, and a series of indicators makes the characteristics of the national markets more readily comprehensible.

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In November 1982, the OECD Insurance Committee constituted the Working Group on insurance statistics. Since then, the Working Group, which was transformed in 1999 into the Task Force, has collected and analysed data on various insurance statistics, as well as discussed relevant methodologies.

As the qualitative and quantitative content of the statistical database has improved considerably over time, the Committee decided in November 1992 to issue a publication that would make the considerable body of information already collected available to the public at large. This publication is updated annually.

English, French

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