Insights on the Business Climate in Uzbekistan

image of Insights on the Business Climate in Uzbekistan

Addressing barriers to private-sector development has been a long-standing ambition of the government of Uzbekistan, with an extensive programme of reforms that began in 2017 redoubling efforts to foster the growth of a more competitive and productive population of private-sector firms. Uzbekistan needs a more dynamic and innovative private sector if it is to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities of the green and digital transitions, which create a new impetus for accelerating these reforms. Elaborating on feedback garnered through a small, focussed survey of foreign firms in Uzbekistan, this report provides new insights into their perceptions of the ongoing reform process and in doing so draws attention to some of the most pressing issues facing policymakers and business.

English Also available in: Russian

Executive summary

Since embarking on a wide-ranging reform programme in 2017, Uzbekistan has made considerable progress in creating the framework conditions for a competitive private sector. In the first decades of independence, Uzbekistan’s growth was primarily driven by a state-led model of industrialisation, state-owned enterprises predominated in most sectors of the economy, and the role of international trade and the private sector significantly limited. Whilst macroeconomic performance was relatively strong, this development model tended to hamper the reallocation of human and fixed capital needed to drive structural transformation. Since the reform process accelerated in 2017, the government has made considerable efforts to reduce the direct role of the state in the economy and enable the private sector to play a more expansive role in economic development.

English Also available in: Russian

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