Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Development

Lessons from Six Emerging Economies

This study examines the link between FDI and development in six dynamic non-Member economies: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. These countries have all adopted different policies towards FDI in the past, but to a great extent they are all converging on a more open approach. This greater openness, and the overall economic reforms of which FDI liberalisation is but one part, will provide a more fertile environment in which to reap the potential benefits from FDI. FDI can play a key role in improving the capacity of the host country to respond to the opportunities offered by global economic integration, a goal increasingly recognised as one of the key aims of any development strategy. In an environment made more competitive by a decade of economic reforms, many restrictions to FDI in these host countries are at best ineffective and at worst counter-productive.

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