Public pension reserve funds' assets (Edition 2015)

This dataset covers both social security reserve funds and sovereign pension reserve funds, the two main categories of public pension reserve funds. Social security reserve funds are set up as part of the overall social security system. They are funded chiefly by surpluses from employee and/or employer contributions over current payouts and, in some cases, by top-up contributions from the government through fiscal transfers and other sources. Sovereign pension reserve funds are funds established by governments (independently of social security systems), who finance them directly through fiscal transfers. This table provided statistics on total asset, asset allocation, nominal net investment return, operating expenses and derivatives. Data are expressed in various measures such as stock and flow data for asset classes are available in national currency million, nominal net investment returns are provided in percent,operating costs are expressed as a percent of total assets under management. The value of derivatives held is available in thousands of national currency.


Keywords: asset allocation, investment returns, reserve fund asset, fixed income, private investment funds, public pension, statistics, loans, operating costs, derivatives, asset flow, shares and equity