Competitiveness and Private Sector Development: Ukraine 2011

Sector Competitiveness Strategy

image of Competitiveness and Private Sector Development: Ukraine 2011

This review of competitiveness and private sector development in the Ukraine  provides a solid base for policy analysis and gives recommendations with immediate relevance and applicability. It includes diagnosis and policy actions for policy makers and advisors, offering policy responses to underpin economic diversification, enhanced competitiveness and private sector development. Finally, the book applies an innovative framework to identify barriers that hinder the development of selected sectors. It offers the design and suggests ways to implement specific policies to remove those barriers, including the selection and business analysis of Ukraine's most attractive sectors in terms of competitiveness and FDI appeal.  



Energy-efficiency and renewable technologies: Focus on production of energy based on biomass

This chapter provides an in-depth analysis of biomass heat and power generation in Ukraine. Examining the demand and supply sides, it explains why the biomass value chain is promising for private domestic and foreign investors given domestic and global trends. It identifies the role that foreign investors could play along the value chain, for instance in producing heat and power or in the designing and engineering of plants. It also presents key issues and policy barriers hindering competitiveness in the sector and proposes a prioritised list of policy recommendations.


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