OECD Working Papers on International Investment

Selected studies on international investment and investment policy prepared for use within the OECD. They address such issues as investment agreements, dispute settlement, fair and equitable treatment, most favored nation treatment, and corruption.


Business Approaches to Combating Corrupt Practices

The international business community’s anti-corruption efforts are essential parts of broader systems for fighting corrupt business practices. These also include formal law enforcement, where an appropriate regulatory framework is already in place, and regulatory and other public sector reform, where it is not. This paper looks at anti-corruption material published on the websites of companies in UNCTAD’s list of top 100 non-financial multinational enterprises. It seeks to understand these companies’ views of corrupt business practices as well as their anti-corruption management and reporting practices. The paper answers the following questions:

  • How many of the top 100 non-financial multinational enterprises make public statements on corruption on their websites? Forty three of the top 100 non-financial multinational enterprises present anti-corruption material on their websites. This is low relative to earlier studies of the top 100 companies’ propensity to make public ...

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