Attracting International Investment for Development

image of Attracting International Investment for Development

The OECD organised a conference on FDI, in Shanghai, China, in December 2002.  Some of the questions addressed in this book include:  What lessons can be drawn from experiences with policies for attracting FDI, including strategies based on tax and other incentives?  How can MNEs contribute to promote the developmental benefits of FDI?  How can FDI and portfolio investments best complement each other in support of development? Are there effective ways to achieve synergies between FDI and official development aid in leveraging private investment for development projects in LDCs?


The Setting

Since its inception forty years ago, the OECD has been at the forefront in promoting foreign direct investment (FDI), as well as investment generally, as the means for countries to achieve economic growth and improve the standard of living of their citizens. The OECD has encouraged the adoption by governments of transparent and non-discriminatory policies, of liberal trade regimes and sound competition and tax policies, and of systems, which encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, and optimum development of human capital. The OECD has also made important contributions to the strengthening of corporate governance and corporate responsibility. This OECD Forum was established to provide an open platform to discuss global investment issues and policy challenges facing governments, business, labour and societies as a whole. We are very pleased that all of you have been able to join us for these discussions over next two days...


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