African Central Government Debt 2012

Statistical Yearbook

image of African Central Government Debt 2012

The focus of this greatly improved third edition is to provide comprehensive quantitative information on African central government debt instruments, both marketable debt and non-marketable debt.

The coverage of data is limited to central government debt issuance as well as bi-lateral, multi-lateral and concessional debt and excludes therefore state and local government debt and social security funds.


African Debt Management Policies Cross Country Overview

Issuance of marketable government bonds and bills is traditionally the responsibility of the Ministry of Finance (MoF). However, this task is frequently assigned to the Central Bank in many African countries. The Central Bank typically has the necessary staff with capital market expertise that the MoF lacks for such front office tasks as conducting auctions, managing tab sales or buybacks, as well as communicating and interacting with market participants. It is therefore well suited to manage the task of issuing marketable government securities on behalf of the MoF.


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