OECD Business and Finance Policy Papers

These papers provide insights from OECD work on a broad range of themes relating to the domestic policies and global rules that help shape markets and business conduct. They contribute to helping government, business and society design and implement strategic, evidence-based and innovative solutions to diverse challenges and commitments.


A supervisory framework for assessing nature-related financial risks

Identifying and navigating biodiversity risks

This paper presents a methodological supervisory framework to help central banks and financial supervisors assess biodiversity-related financial risks, impacts and dependencies in the financial sector, including transmission channels for physical and transition risks. This framework is designed to translate biodiversity risks into financial risks. It draws on a previous mapping of existing approaches, while also accounting for broader nature-related financial risks. While acknowledging different national circumstances, this methodological framework is designed to be applicable broadly for central banks, supervisors and commercial banks across different countries.


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