Water and Cities

Ensuring Sustainable Futures

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This report focuses on the urban water management challenges facing cities across OECD countries, and explores both national and local policy responses with respect to water-risk exposure, the state of urban infrastructures and dynamics, and institutional and governance architectures. The analyses focus on four mutually dependent dimensions – finance, innovation, urban-rural co-operation and governance – and proposes a solutions-oriented typology based on urban characteristics. The report underlines that sustainable urban water management will depend on collaboration across different tiers of government working together with local initiatives and stakeholders.

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Financing urban water management

This chapter examines the challenges related to financing urban water management. Several factors drive financing needs up when traditional sources of finance are constrained. For example, declining water use per capita in several city centres can positively affects water conservation, but negatively affects revenues from water tariffs, as well as the service provider’s financial capacity to operate and maintain the existing infrastructure.

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