Waste Management and the Circular Economy in Selected OECD Countries

Evidence from Environmental Performance Reviews

image of Waste Management and the Circular Economy in Selected OECD Countries

This report provides a cross-country review of waste, materials management and circular economy policies in selected OECD countries, drawing on OECD’s Environmental Performance Reviews during the period 2010-17. It presents the main achievements in the countries reviewed, along with common trends and policy challenges, and provides insights into the effectiveness and efficiency of waste, materials management and circular economy policy frameworks. As the selected reviews were published over a seven-year period, information for some countries may be more recent than for others. Nevertheless, the policy recommendations emerging from the reviews may provide useful lessons for other OECD countries and partner economies.


Main findings and conclusions

The last decades have witnessed unprecedented growth in demand for raw materials, driven by the rapid industrialisation of emerging economies and continued high levels of material consumption in developing countries. Current trends of population and economic growth create strong strain on the earth’s natural resource and the environment. This has drawn increasing attention to issues relating to resource efficiency including to waste and material management policies as well as strategies promoting the circular economy. In June 2017, the resource efficiency dialogue was launched by G20 Heads of State and the “5-year Bologna Roadmap” was adopted in the G7 framework to advance common activities on resource efficiency.



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