Tradeable Permits

Policy Evaluation, Design and Reform

image of Tradeable Permits

The search for cost-effective environmental policy measures has led to an increase in the use of tradeable permit systems.  This publication offers valuable lessons for applying tradeable permits and provides links between policy evaluation and policy making general.  It is for government officials responsible for the implementation and reform of tradeable permit systems, researchers concerned with their analysis and evaluation, and other stakeholders interested in the more general issues associated with environmental policy design and evaluation.



The Dutch Nutrient Quota System

Past Experience and Lessons for the Future

Trading in emission allowances based on a cap-and-trade system is broadly recognised in the theoretical literature as a cost efficient and environmentally effective instrument for emission reductions. However, there is considerable debate about the efficiency and effectiveness of these schemes in practice. Issues of concern are the potential impacts of market imperfections, the administration costs of allowance allocation and market establishment, and the competitiveness impacts on so-called ‘exposed’ sectors...


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