Tradeable Permits

Policy Evaluation, Design and Reform

image of Tradeable Permits

The search for cost-effective environmental policy measures has led to an increase in the use of tradeable permit systems.  This publication offers valuable lessons for applying tradeable permits and provides links between policy evaluation and policy making general.  It is for government officials responsible for the implementation and reform of tradeable permit systems, researchers concerned with their analysis and evaluation, and other stakeholders interested in the more general issues associated with environmental policy design and evaluation.



Evaluating the New Zealand Individual Transerable Quota Market for Fisheries Management

Inshore fisheries depletion, the development of the quota-based programme for offshore fisheries, and the general orientation of the New Zealand government in the 1980s toward deregulation, combined to create an atmosphere conducive to fundamental change in New Zealand fisheries management. After several years of consultation with industry, the Fisheries Amendment Act of 1986 was passed, creating New Zealand’s individual transferable quota (ITQ) system. Modifying legislation has been passed several times since, but the basic structure of the system has remained intact...


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