Towards Sustainability in Nordic Mining

A path towards sustainability for the Nordic mining industry

image of Towards Sustainability in Nordic Mining

The mining industry has a major impact on society – from an economic, environmental and social perspective and due to a vast number of criteria. Which criteria should be given priority depends on where the mining operations take place. The purpose is to examine the Nordic mining industry´s sustainability practice and to develop a guideline for its sustainability efforts. The research methods used in the study include a literature review, a content analysis of sustainability reports, a review of existing sustainability initiatives, guidelines and tools, a stakeholder survey and interviews with mining company officials. Based on the findings, a sustainability criteria guideline is suggested in the areas of corporate governance, fair operating practices, economic aspects, human rights, labour practices, society and the environment.



The interview guide

We are a group of researchers at Luleå University of Technology that have been commissioned by NordMin (A Nordic network of expertise for a sustainable mining and mineral industry funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers) to propose a set of sustainability criteria for the Nordic mining industry. We have in this project looked at previous research, a variety of international sustainability initiatives (UN, ILO, GRI, ISO etc.), the Nordic mining industry’s sustainability reports and through a survey to the Nordic mining industry’s stakeholders in order to identify important sustainability criteria.


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