Towards Green Growth?

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The 2011 Green Growth Strategy provided initial guidance to governments on how to achieve economic growth and development, while preventing costly environmental damage and inefficient resource use. What progress have countries made in aligning economic and environmental priorities since 2011? This report attempts to evaluate this progress and highlight where there is broad scope to heighten the ambition and effectiveness of green growth policy. It draws lessons from green growth mainstreaming across the OECD’s work programme, notably in terms of how governments can maximise institutional settings to seize economic opportunities surrounding the transition to a green economy, and considers ways to enrich the Green Growth Strategy based on work undertaken since its launch.

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The value of institutional settings for mainstreaming green growth

This chapter describes how green growth is being implemented across the OECD work programme and examines how far the mainstreaming process has advanced since 2011, using OECD country surveillance series as a yardstick for progress across the Organisation (e.g. OECD Economic Surveys, Environmental Performance Reviews, Investment Policy Reviews and Reviews of Innovation Policy). The chapter draws a series of lessons from the rapid, but uneven mainstreaming process, to accelerate progress both at the OECD and for governments and other organisations working towards the mainstreaming of green growth.

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