Towards a National Circular Economy Strategy for Hungary

image of Towards a National Circular Economy Strategy for Hungary

The growing demand for raw materials in the Hungarian economy projected up to 2050 is expected to exert significant additional pressure on the environment, putting the country at risk of missing important environmental goals and opportunities to strengthen the competitiveness and resilience of its economy. Despite the notable progress in decoupling environmental pressures from economic activities over the past 20 years, several challenges remain. The transition to a circular economy has significant potential to address these challenges. To fully realise the circular potential of its economy, Hungary will need to adopt a comprehensive circular economy policy framework. This report outlines a set of key elements for the development of the Hungarian national circular economy strategy and action plan. It identifies priority areas that are deemed critical to the Hungarian circular economy transition, including: biomass and food, construction and plastics, as well as cross-cutting horizontal tools to facilitate an economy-wide circular transition. It also provides 45 policy recommendations and suggests specific implementation actions across the priority areas for the short, medium and long term.


Summary of the Strategic Environmental Assessment

The purpose of this Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) is to assess and report on the potential environmental impact of the policy recommendations and proposed activities of the action plan outlined in the OECD report Towards a National Circular Economy Strategy for Hungary (hereinafter referred to as OECD report). This report was developed by the OECD as the final output of the project, Technical Support for the Development of the National Circular Economy Strategy (NCES) and Action Plan for Hungary, and funded by the Directorate-General for Structural Reform Support (DG REFORM) of the European Commission.


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