The Valuation of Habitats for Conservation

Concepts, methods and applications

image of The Valuation of Habitats for Conservation

This report summarises the work carried out in the last two years of a four-year project funded by Nordic Council of Ministers. The objective of the project was to develop concepts and methods for assessment of nature quality in selected habitat types. The motivation for the project lies in increasing societal demands for information on the state of our natural environment and especially the state of our biodiversity has attracted increased attention over the last decades. The project have explored the normative concepts of conservation, and found that consensus about objectives are needed before numerical methods for quality assessments can be developed. In this project naturalness has been adopted as the overall conservation objective, and it is described how this concept is related to other concepts in conservation biology. The criteria for conservation as they have been used in the Nordic countries till now have also been reviewed.



Public access through the Internet

Models are interesting and stimulating from a theoretical point of view, as they may be used to demonstrate mechanisms and patterns that are so general that they can be reproduced. The usefulness of models depends however on their penetration of everyday life. Models, which are restricted to be run on the developer’s personal computer, by the developer, have limited applied value. For this reason we invested time in making the developed classification models accessible to the public through an Internet interface. On the WWW address www.danveg.dk it is now possible to access and use the developed classification models interactively, and obtain classification of new species lists entered through an Internet interface. The methodology and interface is described below.


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