The Political Economy of Environmentally Related Taxes

image of The Political Economy of Environmentally Related Taxes

Based on experience in OECD countries, this book provides a comprehensive discussion of the effectiveness of environmentally related taxes, of recent research on the environmental and economic impacts of applying them, an on their potential for wider use. In particular, it looks at how to overcome obstacles to their implementation. It also discusses the environmental and economic effects of combining such taxes with other instruments for environmetal policy.

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Enhancing Public Acceptance

The “acceptance” of an environmentally related tax among the public at large seems to be related to the degree of awareness of the environmental problem the instrument is to address. For example, littering of the environment by plastic bags was a much-focussed issue in public debate in Ireland prior to the introduction of the levy on plastic bags. In Switzerland there had for many years been significant focus on the nuisance caused by cross-alpine heavy-vehicle transport, prior to the introduction of the distance-based road fee for heavy-goods vehicles in 2001.

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