The Nordic Swan - From past experiences to future possibilities

The third evaluation of the Nordic ecolabelling scheme

image of The Nordic Swan - From past experiences to future possibilities

This report presents the third evaluation of the Nordic Swan ecolabelling scheme. The evaluation is conducted from the perspective of the public administration, and it examines the role of the Nordic Swan in a policy context. Recommendations are presented for authorities in the Nordic countries and for the bodies operating the schemes on a Nordic and national level. The evaluation focuses on current opportunities and challenges in the operating environment of the scheme. It examines the relations between the Nordic Swan and the EU Eco-label in the Nordic countries, including their governance procedures, popularity and reception in the market. Other current topics addressed include the progress achieved by the Nordic marketing strategy for the Swan and some current governance issues in the scheme, including the grounds for public funding for the Nordic Swan. The report also analyses the relations between the Swan and other environmental information systems. In particular, the report investigates the opportunities and challenges ensuing from the current attention to climate issues for the Nordic Swan.



The Printed Matter/Printing Company criteria evolution

The shift in the product group definition from "printed matter" to "printing companies" has a long history in the Nordic system. In this document, we do not claim to give every detail of the development. It should rather be seen as an overview of how the issue has been discussed, what arguments have been voiced and what decisions have been taken. We have followed the specific case and related discussions in the minutes from meetings of the Nordic Ecolabelling Board (NEB) and other documentation on the NEB intranet "Livelink" from late 1999 until December 2007. We will present a conclusion of our observations at the end of the annex.


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