The Nordic Swan 2015

Performance indicators for ecolabelling

image of The Nordic Swan 2015

The Nordic Swan is a voluntary environmental and consumer policy instrument that was launched in the Nordic countries in 1989. This study has its origin in the discussions on the making of the “Vision 2015” for the Nordic Swan as well as in a growing need to find structured methods to account for what the ecolabel does. The study has the overall purpose to highlight the experiences of using indicators for reporting, which actors that should be targeted and their need of information, and also to propose a set of indicators applicable specifically for the Nordic Swan. It is proposed in the report that the Nordic Swan scheme prioritizes developing indicators to track changes in internal performance and efficiency.The project was financed by the Nordic Council of Environmental Ministers´ (NCM) working group for sustainable consumption and production (HKP-gruppen).




The Nordic Swan ecolabelling system (the Nordic Swan) was introduced over twenty years ago and has since then grown in scope and numbers. Throughout the years a number of evaluations have been conducted. The latest major evaluation of the system, performed in 2007–2008, called for a vision, which was soon thereafter developed: the Swan Vision 2015. Among other messages in this vision, the intention for the Nordic Swan label to “be recognised as one of the most effective consumer policy tools for environment” was emphasised.


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