The Environmental Performance of Public Procurement

Issues of Policy Coherence

image of The Environmental Performance of Public Procurement

In recent years, a significant number of OECD member countries have introduced initiatives to reduce the environmentally damaging effects of public procurement.  Many countries have introduced "greener public purchasing" (GPP) policies in order to increase the recycled content of products or achieve specified levels of energy efficiency in capital equipment.  This book examines these issues in detail.  It is the outcome of a Workshop on "Greener Public Purchasing", held at the Austrian Ministry of the Environment in Vienna in October 2001.

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The Implications of Budget Systems for the Environmental Characteristics of Public Procurement

This chapter reviews the potential effects of public expenditure management on the environmental characteristics of goods and services purchased by public authorities. It builds on the discussion in Chapter 3, which reviewed procurement practices, budget systems and accounting practices in OECD member countries. The focus of the chapter is on synergies between budget reform, accounting and financial practices, and improvements in the environmental characteristics of procurement. It makes the case that environmental benefits can be the incidental by-product of improvements in budgetary systems, and accounting and financial practices...


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