Technology procurement

image of Technology procurement

Technology procurement is a method of merging public procurement with innovation in order to achieve specific, eg. environmental, benefits. The objective of this report has been to provide a clear and well structured review of Nordic and international experience within technology procurement and recommendations for development and increased use of technology procurement. The many examples from regional, national and supra-national contexts described in this report show that considerable benefits that can be achieved through technology procurement. The report includes a set of recommendations aiming at increased and effective use of technology procurement as a means of supporting environment-friendly and energy-saving technologies in the Nordic coun-tries.




For quite some years greening of public and private procurement has been used as a way of reducing the environmental burden and supporting green products commercialisation. And for many years – and with rising strength – the notion of innovation has been a buzzword in the industrialised world as a means to cope with increased competition and globalisation. “Technology procurement” is a method of merging these two concepts into one.


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