Sustainable Development in OECD Countries

Getting the Policies Right

image of Sustainable Development in OECD Countries

This publication summarises the lessons learned from the 30 country reviews of sustainable development that have been published since 2002 as part of OECD Economic Surveys. It also examines the concrete action that countries have taken to promote sustainable development while concentrating on the results that have been achieved and the efficiency of achieving the results. The publication focuses on major policy areas including the improvement of environmental policies, raising living standards in developing countries, and ensuring sustainable retirement income policies. Numerous tables provide detailed data and sustainable development indicators that have been used to gauge performance and assess costs.

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Attaining Social Objectives in a Cost-efficient Way

Achievement of social goals is central to sustainable development. In this respect, OECD countries are faced with the challenge of ensuring adequate retirement income for the elderly in a way that is financially viable over the long term despite population ageing. Based on 14 country reviews that dealt with this issue, this chapter presents the main lessons that have been drawn from reforms in this area and the recommendations that have been made for further progress. On a global scale, the improvement of living conditions in developing countries is a vital part of the sustainable development agenda. The chapter presents the main findings from...


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