Strengthening Shardara Multi-Purpose Water Infrastructure in Kazakhstan

image of Strengthening Shardara Multi-Purpose Water Infrastructure in Kazakhstan

More than 8 000 large multi-purpose water infrastructures (MPWIs) around the world contribute to economic development, as well as water, food and energy security, encompassing all human-made water systems including dams, dykes, reservoirs and associated irrigation canals and water supply networks. Focused on the specific case of the Shardara MPWI located in Low Syr-Darya Basin, South Kazakhstan and Kyzyl-Orda oblasts (provinces) of Kazakhstan, this report looks at the choice and design of MPWI investment strategies that ensure a high economic return on investments and potential bankability, based on application of a computer model and lessons learned from 15 international MPWI case studies.

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WHAT-IF at a glance

The overall purpose of WHAT-IF is to facilitate a policy dialogue aimed at identifying and prioritising investments and governance actions – typically associated with a MPWI – in a certain river basin. It does so by assessing the impact of certain investments and governance actions on the economic value of water in the basin with a breakdown of expected net benefits by sectors (foremost, hydropower and agriculture), by key groups of economic agents (producers, consumers, and the state) and by provinces (or countries).


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