OECD Green Growth Papers

The OECD Green Growth Strategy, launched in May 2011, provides concrete recommendations and measurement tools to support countries’ efforts to achieve economic growth and development, while at the same time ensure that natural assets continue to provide the ecosystems services on which our well-being relies. The strategy proposes a flexible policy framework that can be tailored to different country circumstances and stages of development. OECD Green Growth Papers complement the OECD Green Growth Studies series, and aim to stimulate discussion and analysis on specific topics and obtain feedback from interested audiences.


SMEs: Key drivers of green and inclusive growth

Small and medium-sized enterprises (“SMEs”) are important stakeholders for both environmental and economic policymaking. Among OECD countries, they represent roughly 99.7% of all enterprises and 60% of total employment. Simultaneously, while their individual environmental footprint is small, on aggregate, SMEs contribute up to 70% of industrial pollution in Europe. Thus, they have tremendous potential as drivers of green and inclusive growth. Through a comprehensive literature review, this issue paper assesses the trade-offs and synergies between SMEs’ ability to deliver green growth – through greening processes like eco-innovation and adoption of green measures - and their ability to contribute to inclusive growth – through job creation and inclusive business models. This issue paper also reviews relevant policy measures that can help SMEs navigate the opportunities and challenges in delivering green and inclusive growth.


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