Screening of phenolic substances in the Nordic environments

image of Screening of phenolic substances in the Nordic environments

The aim of this Nordic study was to investigate the occurrence of different phenolic substances in the Nordic environment. The phenolic substances include both long and short chain alkylphenols, some bisphenols and monoetoxylates of octyl- and nonylphenols. Most of the selected substances are so-called high production volume (HPV) chemicals and are considered being more or less persistent in the environment and/or hazardous to aquatic organisms. Some are of even greater concern due to endocrine effects.



Production, use and occurrence in the environment

The alkylphenols studied in this project are high production volume (HPV) chemicals. The para-substituted alkylphenols are typically produced from an olefin and phenol using an acid catalyst. Depending on the purity of the olefin used the resulting side chain may be more or less branched, just as a minor part can be attached to the ortho position.


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