Scaling up Nature-based Solutions to Tackle Water-related Climate Risks

Insights from Mexico and the United Kingdom

image of Scaling up Nature-based Solutions to Tackle Water-related Climate Risks

This report provides an assessment of the use of, and recommendations for scaling up, Nature-based Solutions to address water-related climate risks. The analysis is based on two country case studies carried out in Mexico and the United Kingdom. On the basis of a previously developed policy evaluation framework, the analysis identifies existing challenges as well as highlights emerging good practices with regard to policy design and implementation, governance, regulatory mechanisms, and technical and financial arrangements. The report’s findings support policy makers and practitioners in strengthening the use of Nature-based Solutions to tackle climate risks, with a special focus on water-related risks.


Executive summary

As countries continue to accelerate efforts to mitigate the effects of global warming, adaptation actions remain indispensable to protect communities from the detrimental impacts of climate variability and change. While “grey” engineering solutions, such as dykes or levees, have been the most widely used measures to adapt to and reduce climate risks in the past, nature – and its ecosystem services – has increasingly come to the fore as an effective alternative or complementary solution.


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