Scaling-up Finance Mechanisms for Biodiversity

image of Scaling-up Finance Mechanisms for Biodiversity

This report examines six mechanisms that can be used to scale-up financing for biodiversity conservation and sustainable use and to help meet the 2011-20 Aichi Biodiversity Targets. The mechanisms are environmental fiscal reform, payments for ecosystem services, biodiversity offsets, green markets, biodiversity in climate change funding, and biodiversity in international development finance. Drawing on literature and more than 40 case studies worldwide, this book addresses the following questions: What are these mechanisms and how do they work? How much finance have they mobilised and what potential is there to scale this up? And what are the key design and implementation issues that need to be addressed so that governments can ensure these mechanisms are environmentally effective, economically efficient and distributionally equitable?

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The role of finance mechanisms in biodiversity conservation and sustainable use

This chapter introduces the different components of biodiversity and ecosystem services and the benefits they provide to society. It presents estimates on the value of ecosystem services, the financing needs for optimal biodiversity and ecosystem service provision, and the existing financing flows. The chapter then proceeds by introducing the different policy instruments for biodiversity conservation and sustainable use that governments have at their disposal – regulatory, economic and information-based instruments – and the role of finance mechanisms.

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