Safety Assessment of Transgenic Organisms in the Environment, Volume 9

OECD Consensus Documents on the Biology of Crops: Apple, Safflower, Rice

image of Safety Assessment of Transgenic Organisms in the Environment, Volume 9

Volume 9 of the Series compiles the biosafety consensus documents developed by the OECD Working Party on the Harmonisation of Regulatory Oversight in Biotechnology from 2019 to 2021. It deals with the biology of APPLE, SAFFLOWER and RICE, three important crops for agriculture and consumption worldwide. For each plant species, the book includes elements of taxonomy, morphology, centres of origin, life cycle, reproductive biology, genetics, outcrossing, crop production and cultivation practices, interaction with other organisms, main pests and pathogens, and biotechnological developments. The science-based information collated here is available for use during the risk assessment of transgenic varieties intended for release in the environment. Prepared by authorities from OECD Members and other economies associated with the work, this publication should be of value to crop breeders, applicants for agricultural production of new varieties of apple, safflower and rice, national regulators and risk assessors when conducting biosafety assessments on these varieties obtained from modern biotechnology, as well as the wider scientific community. More information is found at BioTrack Online.


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