Report of the OECD Workshop on Environmental Hazard/risk Assessment

This Environment Monograph contains the report of the OECD Workshop on Environmental Hazard/Risk Assessment, which took place in London in May 1994. The Workshop was hosted by the Department of the Environment (DoE) of the United Kingdom.

Work on hazard assessment in the OECD’s Chemicals Programme is closely related to the work on Test Guidelines, co-operative investigation of existing chemicals, and the Pesticide Programme. The objectives of hazard assessment activities are to promote awareness, improvement, and, to the extent possible, harmonization of hazard assessment procedures for chemicals (including pesticides) and to encourage mutual use and acceptance of hazard assessments in OECD and other countries. These activities include the development and compilation of practical methods and procedures; promotion of their application in conjunction with co-operative investigations of chemicals; and promotion of harmonization of assessment reports. In recent years, workshops have been held (and documents produced) on aquatic exposure assessment, initial assessment of occupational and consumer exposure, and data estimation methods.