Restoration of damaged ecosystems in the Nordic countries

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The ReNo network has consolidated knowledge on ecological restoration work in the Nordic region and facilitated exchange of this knowledge within and between the Nordic countries. Scientific papers, reports on the status of restoration, guidebooks on restoration, and analyses of ecological restoration in the area have been published as a result of the network. Ecosystem degradation is a problem in all the Nordic countries, but varies in nature, severity and scale between the countries. In order to counteract present and past ecological degradation, all the Nordic countries emphasise ecological restoration, but to various degrees. Ecological restoration has the potential to make a critical contribution for the benefit of the global environment and human living conditions. The ReNo network recommends that this important activity should be prioritized in Nordic environmental policy.



Synthesis from the conference Restoring the North

There is a common need in all the Nordic countries for building and utilizing knowledge in restoration ecology to face current land-use challenges and threats to biodiversity. An essential part of this work was to assemble a review of ecological restoration in this region (Hagen et al. 2011). For that purpose the ReNo network held an international conference on restoration of damaged ecosystems in northern regions at Selfoss, Iceland, 20–22 October 2011. A total of 79 participants from eight countries attended the conference; scientists, students and representatives from institutions responsible for ecosystem restoration and nature protections. At the conference, 25 oral and 25 poster contributions were presented in the following six sessions:


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