Reducing maritime emissions

Policy recommendations for the future of Nordic green marine transport

image of Reducing maritime emissions

An overarching conclusion of Nordic Marina’s work in the past three years reveals that the global, and indeed the Nordic shipping and maritime industries, are already boldly moving ahead with regard to emissions reduction, boasting numerous innovative and successful projects contributing toward this goal. In order to take major steps forward, involvement from the government side is needed and currently lacking. There are barriers that industry and government must work on collectively, potentially via joint public-private partnerships. Commitment for the long term is essential, in addition to the demand for strengthening infrastructure and a reliable supply chain to support new fuels. Furthermore, the socio-economic benefits of emissions reduction and the applications of alternative fuels appear to be obscure. The bottom line is this: the time for action is now, for all of us.




Since its creation, the goal of Nordic Marina has been to evaluate potential in the Nordic countries to reduce CO2 emissions from the marine industry. For this purpose, stakeholders were brought together to reflect on the status of projects and activities and discuss possible pathways for next steps. This paper discusses key issues raised by stakeholders and reflects on possible policy actions to encourage the adoption and further development of alternative fuels and technology, bringing the Nordic region to the forefront in sustainable, green marine solutions. Ultimately, different stakeholders all have common goals: maintaining clean oceans, supporting healthy port communities and contributing to achieving global, regional and national climate goals while providing sustainable supply chains for goods and services to the marine sector.


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