Promoting Clean Urban Public Transportation and Green Investment in Kyrgyzstan

image of Promoting Clean Urban Public Transportation and Green Investment in Kyrgyzstan

This report discusses the main results of a project on how an influx of funds could spur development of cleaner public transport, and reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in large urban centres in Kyrgyzstan, by providing an analysis for designing a green public investment programme in this sector. This sector represents an opportunity for Kyrgyzstan to address key objectives in its environmental and climate-related policies as part of the country’s ambitions to transition to a green economic path of development. The investment programme is also designed to support the modernisation of the urban transport fleet in the country and stimulate the domestic market to shift to modern buses powered by cleaner fuels. The programme is foreseen to be implemented in two phases: the first covers the cities of Bishkek and Osh and the second extends to areas outside of the initial pilot city centres (pilot city suburbs as well as inter-city transport). These investments are expected to result in significant environmental, public service and socio-economic benefits.

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Institutional arrangements and policy framework

This chapter proposes some institutional arrangements for managing the Clean Public Transport Programme as an investment programme. It begins by outlining good practice in setting up institutional frameworks for large environmental investment programmes. It suggests a three-level institutional structure comprising: 1) a programming entity; 2) an implementation unit; and 3) a technical support unit. It also suggests a possible division of responsibilities across these three entities, and describes the minimum operating regulations required to manage the programme. Finally, the chapter reviews the barriers to implementation in the form of regulations and policy distortions and suggests ways of addressing them.

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