OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: Portugal 2023

image of OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: Portugal 2023

Portugal managed to decouple several environmental pressures from economic growth over 2013-19. It played a leading role in the approval of the European Climate Law and adopted the Portuguese Framework Climate Law in 2021. This needs to be swiftly implemented to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, improve climate resilience and protect ecosystems. Portugal has stepped up adaptation efforts but needs to do more to address multiple threats, including coastal erosion, floods, droughts and forest fires. The country is lagging behind in waste management. Meanwhile, the increase in freshwater abstractions in water-scarce southern regions is a concern.

This is the fourth Environmental Performance Review of Portugal. It provides an evidence-based assessment of the country's progress towards its environmental goals over the past decade. The 26 recommendations aim to help Portugal improve its environmental performance, giving special focus to carbon neutrality.

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From Chapter: Carbon neutrality

Portugal needs to double its renewable capacity by the next decade to meet its target


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