Policies to Reduce Microplastics Pollution in Water

Focus on Textiles and Tyres

image of Policies to Reduce Microplastics Pollution in Water

Microplastics are ubiquitous in the natural environment. This report synthesises the current state of knowledge on the sources, fate and risks of microplastics pollution. It then focuses on two sources of microplastics pollution, textile products and vehicle tyres, due to their substantial contribution to global microplastics emissions and currently largely absent policy frameworks to mitigate them.

Several best practices and technological solutions can be implemented along the lifecycle of textile products and vehicle tyres to mitigate releases to the environment. The report proposes policy insights on measures and strategies that could help minimise microplastics emitted unintentionally from products and their potential impacts on human health and ecosystems.


The case for microplastics mitigation

This chapter sets out the motivation for the development of this report. It summarises current knowledge on the sources and flows of microplastics into the environment and on the adverse impacts on the health of humans and other living organisms. The chapter concludes by making the case for policy action on microplastics pollution and for further consideration of mitigation measures for two sources of microplastics: textile products and vehicle tyres.


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