People and Biodiversity Policies

Impacts, Issues and Strategies for Policy Action

image of People and Biodiversity Policies

The implementation of biodiversity policies will often benefit different groups to a greater or lesser degree. For example, in establishing a property right to facilitate management of a biodiversity-related resource, people who previously had unrestricted use will be adversely affected. Combining analysis and a wealth of case studies, this book offers concepts and tools for addressing distributive issues in biodiversity policy. It will help policy makers put together strategies for anticipating distributive impacts across different groups; and for selecting processes and instruments that manage distributive impacts without compromising conservation and use objectives.

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Procedural Approaches: Communication, Participation and Conflict Resolution

Having discussed the first point in Part I, in Part III we describe how to put the last three points – procedural, institutional approaches and their combination – into practice, mainly for national policies. International policies are noted briefly for the channels through which they are relevant, and for the magnitudes of the transfers occurring. In each chapter the main issues are introduced then descriptions and comparisons of different solutions are given, followed by some illustrating cases. The intention is to encourage policy-makers to take steps towards using participatory methods for cooperating with important stakeholders affected by policy. By doing so, considerable distributive effects can be prevented, mitigated or made acceptable at an early stage of the policy process.

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