OECD Environmental Strategy

2004 Review of Progress

OECD Environment Ministers agreed in 2001, on an ambitious Environmental Strategy for the first decade of the 21st century.  The strategy sets out clear directions for environmentally sustainable policies and includes these  key objectives:  maintaining the integrity of ecosystems through the efficient management of natural resources; decoupling environmental pressures from economic growth; improving information for decision-making; measuring progress through indicators; the social and environmental interface; enhancing the quality of life; global environmental interdependence; improving governance and co-operation.  In addition to highlighting the challenges and obstacles that remain if countries are to achieve the objectives by the planned date of 2010, this report assesses the progress that OECD countries have made, as well as in applying the 71 national actions they agreed on, as part of the Environmental Strategy.  The book is for policy makers and environmental economists. 

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