OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: Turkey 2019

image of OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: Turkey 2019

Turkey is the fastest growing OECD economy with rapidly increasing greenhouse gas emissions. Since 2008, its economic growth has been relatively decoupled from air emissions, energy use, waste generation and water consumption. However, the high resource intensity of Turkey’s economy and its heavy reliance on fossil fuels will continue to increase these environmental pressures in absolute terms. More progress is needed in the transition to a low-carbon, circular economy to improve the country’s environmental performance.

This is the third Environmental Performance Review of Turkey. It evaluates progress towards sustainable development and green growth, with special features on climate change and urban wastewater management.

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Environmental performance: Trends and recent developments

Robust economic growth, coupled with rapid population growth, industrialisation and urbanisation have put considerable environmental pressure on Turkey. Some progress has been made in municipal waste generation and collection, and in forest cover, but important challenges remain in other areas, such as air pollution and energy consumption. This chapter provides a snapshot of key environmental trends in Turkey since 2005. It highlights the progress made in decoupling economic activity from environmental pressures and sketches out major policy developments.



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