OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: Turkey 2008

image of OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: Turkey 2008

This edition of OECD's periodic review of Turkey's environmental policy finds that Turkey has achieved consolidation of environmental progress and its environmental legislation is increasingly incorporating the EU environmental aquis. But pollution, energy, and resource intensities still need to be reduced and environmentally related health problems need to be addressed. This review systematically looks at air, water, nature and biodiversity, the environmental-economic interface, the environmental-social interface, and international co-operation, making 45 specific recommendations.

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International Co-operation

Turkey significantly expanded its engagement within the international community in the field of environment over the review period. It is currently a party to most key regional and global environmental accords and programmes, and has made effective use of a variety of international mechanisms to acquire technical and financial assistance in support of its national environmental priorities. Its cooperation with the EU on pre-accession convergence efforts has helped keep Turkey’s international environmental commitments and responsibilities before national policy makers. It met its commitments under the Montreal Protocol to phase out ozonedepleting substances four years ahead of the target date, which was especially noteworthy given its policy of rejecting international pollution reduction targets based on its “special circumstances” (i.e. Turkey’s low per capita income level requires it to emphasise economic growth).

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