OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: Poland 2003

image of OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: Poland 2003
This review of Poland's environmental conditions and policies evaluates progress in reducing the pollution burden, improving natural resource management, integrating environmental and economic policies, and strengthening international co-operation. The analyses presented are supported by a broad range of economic and environmental data.

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Nature and Biodiversity

The following recommendations are part of the overall conclusions and recommendations of the environmental performance review of Poland: • ensure proper implementation and monitoring of the National Biodiversity Strategy, including through strengthened institutional co-ordination at all administration levels and improved measurement of status and trends of biodiversity across the country; • ensure that development projects and programmes respect Natura 2000 designations and management concepts, and redouble efforts to organise consultations at the local level on Natura 2000 proposals, especially when sites are outside existing protected areas; • improve conservation in Landscape Parks through incentives and legal mechanisms to encourage private owners or leaseholders within these parks to respect biodiversity  conservation objectives; ensure integration of Landscape Park conservation plans into local land use planning; • develop diverse, thriving rural economies that value biodiversity (e.g. through green tourism, environmentally sound agriculture, efficient use of agri-environmental and less favoured area programmes); remove perverse incentives such as the reduced VAT on agricultural pesticides; • establish protected areas in the marine environment and expand efforts to protect marine biodiversity....

English Also available in: French

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