OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: Norway 2022

image of OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: Norway 2022

Norway has made progress on the path towards green growth over the past decade. The country is a frontrunner in many environmental areas and invests heavily in technological development and innovation to support its green transition. It set many ambitious national environmental targets across all sectors, including for climate mitigation; Norway aims to achieve climate neutrality by 2030. While not a member of the European Union, Norway has aligned its action with many EU regulations and goals, sometimes more stringently than members. Despite progress in many areas, the country still faces multiple challenges, including sustainable consumption patterns and biodiversity protection. The review provides 30 recommendations to help Norway further improve its environmental performance, with a special focus on sustainable land use and biodiversity management.

This is the fourth Environmental Performance Review of Norway. It provides an independent, evidence-based evaluation of the country’s environmental performance over the past decade.

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Towards sustainable development

This chapter provides an overview of economic and social development, and major policy developments in the environmental sectors, including climate, air, freshwater, waste and materials (biodiversity is covered in Chapter 2). Drawing on indicators from national and international sources, the chapter tracks progress towards achieving national goals and international commitments and targets, and looks at the environmental governance and management system. It also assesses the environmental effectiveness and economic efficiency of the environmental policy mix, including fiscal and economic instruments, regulatory and voluntary instruments, and investment in environment-related infrastructure. The chapter concludes with a reflection on opportunities for fostering a just and equitable transition to a green, low-carbon society.



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