OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: Luxembourg 2020

image of OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: Luxembourg 2020

Luxembourg has made progress in decoupling environmental pressures from economic growth, treating wastewater and managing waste and materials. It has also positioned itself as an international centre for green finance. Yet, it remains one of the most carbon- and material-intensive economies in the OECD. The country is a crossroads for freight traffic and attracts thousands of daily cross-border commuters. This exacerbates greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution and road congestion. Urban sprawl, landscape fragmentation and agriculture exert strong pressures on biodiversity.

To steer its economy towards a greener model, Luxembourg has set ambitious environmental objectives. Greening taxation, providing stronger price signals, promoting eco-innovation and the circular economy, mainstreaming biodiversity into all policies, and investing in low-carbon infrastructure and sustainable mobility, should be priorities.

This is the third Environmental Performance Review of Luxembourg. It evaluates progress towards green growth and sustainable development, with special chapters focusing on two major issues: air quality and mobility, and biodiversity.

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Chapter 5 describes the main trends concerning biological diversity and natural habitats in Luxembourg, and the related policy objectives. It examines the country’s progress over the past 15 years and the main challenges that need to be addressed. It covers such areas as species at risk, habitat, climate change, ecosystem services and protected areas.Chapter 5 also examines institutional co-operation and governance, as well as instruments to protect natural areas and threatened species. It highlights the need for accelerating policy action and better integrating biodiversity issues into sectoral policies, as well as Luxembourg’s contribution to the protection of regional and international biodiversity.

English Also available in: French


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