OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: Israel 2011

image of OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: Israel 2011

This 2011 review of Israel's environmental conditions and policies evaluates progress in sustainable development, improving natural resource management, integrating environmental and economic policies, and strengthening international co-operation. This report is the first OECD review of Israel’s environmental policy performance.

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International co-operation

The scope of Israel’s international and regional environmental co-operation considerably expanded during the review period, despite some geopolitical constraints. Israel is a party to most major global environmental conventions and has entered into various bilateral and regional environmental agreements, including on the protection of the marine environment, biodiversity conservation, water management, desertification, and trade in environmentally sensitive goods. As a new OECD member, it has moved rapidly to adjust to the Organisation’s requirements and to the standards expected of its members. This chapter discusses Israel’s progress in engaging in multilateral and bilateral co-operation and in fulfilling its international commitments, as well as the extent to which Israel’s domestic policies have benefited from adherence to international environmental agreements and associated guidelines. The environmental dimensions of its official development assistance programme are also addressed.

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